FMG HYDRO Humidity mesuarements using capacitive probe
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Industrial applications

  • Food products : cereals (grains or flour), dry fruits, sea salt.
  • Vegetation in powder or granular form
  • Clays
  • Plasters
  • Proteins
  • Mud output from water purification
  • Products for central coating

  • Applications Industrielles

For ten years, the capacitive probes have been frequently used for moisture measurement in various the powder industries.

The assembly equipment and measurement readings are adapted to the product for its use.

Principle of operation

The type of probe is capacitive.
The functioning principle is based on the measurement of the constant dielectric, in combination with the liquidation of high frequencies by water contained in the product.

Sonde FSH
(360°F in dryer animal protein)

Installation of the probe :

  • At the flow of the silo
  • Above the extractor or a conveyor belt
  • Optional high temperature : up to 360 °F