FMG HYDRO Humidity mesuarements using capacitive probe
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Mounting Instructions

Mounting Arm :

The sensor head is mounted at an angle of 45° to the arm. It is thus possible to adjust the angle of the sensor surface to the material flow direction in a continuously variable manner.

The measuring surface of the sensor should make an angle of 35° to 45° to the direction of flow of the material. A marking at the rear end of the arm indicates the inclination of the measuring surface of the probe.

The standard mounting plate is at an angle of 90° to the arm. Alternatively a 60° mounting bracket is also available.      

The arm mounted probe is also available with the external adjustment potentiometers 0 and %. With the help of these the measuring range of the probe can be varied to suit the different types of materials (normally the probe, as delivered, is calibrated for sand).

The sensor head should be situated in the material 50-70cm above the exit opening.

To simplify the mechanical work for the mounting holes and the opening for the arm, self sticking templates are also supplied. 

Installation in a sand silo

The arm mounted probe can be installed in a silo already filled with sand as the sand does not flow out through the mounting hole (if the sand is not dry). It is, however, necessary to hollow out the sand as required before inserting the probe. 

Tip: Insert a tube with a smooth surface through the mounting hole and remove the excess sand.

Mounting instructions for installing the glider

The sensor surface of the probe FSV must be in line with the outer surface of the glider. 
The surface of the glider with the probe mounted, should make an angle of 5 -15° against the direction of flow of the material. (depends on the material)

The adjusted angle should remain more or less constant even when the depth of the flowing material changes. The holding brackets for the glider should be correspondingly long or appropriately designed.

It is possible to coat the glider together with the probe with Teflon direct from the works. This is recommended only for sticky but non-abrasive materials.

Mounting instructions for the mixer probe FSM

The probe must be positioned in such a way that always some material is present on or in front of the measuring surface of the sensor while the mixer is in motion.
For pan type mixers it is recommended to mount the probe on the mixing tray. For horizontal mixers the probe should be mounted on the front wall of the container.
Possible peaks in the signal due to the mixer arm can be eliminated by limit setting and average building functions of the evaluating electronics.

Mounting instructions for the high temperature probe FSH

The general procedure is similar to those for the types FSV, FS1.