FMG HYDRO Humidity mesuarements using capacitive probe
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Type of probes

Moisture measuring probes Type FS
type FS V
Type FS V (Variable depth probe)
Outline of the probe FS V
Type FS 1
 Type FS 1 („Diskprobe“)
Outline of the probe FS 1
Type FS A
 Type FS A (Arm mounted probe)
Outline of the probe FS A
Type FS M
 Type FS M (Mixer probe)
Outline of the probe FS M

Type FS H  (High temperature probe)

Construction details :

All moisture measuring sensors are built inside robust stainless steel casings. The required supporting fixtures are also made of stainless steel. The matured measuring electronic is very compact and constructed using the modern SMD technology.

The measuring electronic for the sensors are fully potted inside special casings, thus guaranteeing a high mechanical and electronic stability for use under extremely adverse conditions like the vibrating conveyor.

The probes comply with the IP67 protection standard. Probe type FS1 complies with standard IP50.

Each of the above mentioned sensors can also be fitted with 0 and % calibration adjustment controls. These are accessible through a water tight screwed cover at the rear of the top part of the casing.

The standard supply voltage is +/- 15V. An alternative choice of 9-30V DC is also possible.

A three meter long 5-pole shielded cable with permanently fitted metal sleeves at the terminal ends is supplied for connecting the probe. An optional version with plug connector is also available. The standard measuring surface of the sensor is made of special synthetic material.

The following types of protective covers for the sensor measuring surface can be supplied :

Sensor surface Properties
Synthetic For standard applications. Not suitable for abrasive materials. Good sliding characteristics.
Extremely hard. Possesses a very high resistance against abrasion.
Cracks may form due to hitting stones or metallic objects.
Special rubber Wear resistant rubber with good protective properties against abrasions.
Normally used in food processing technology and for sticky materials.